Friday, June 26, 2009

What's In A Name??

Well, apparently a whole lot..when it is your very own daughter. Shawn and I have been talking about baby names for a very long time now, but it isn't until you are actually faced with the decision that you realize just how important it is. We had a boy name ready to go, but had to think a little harder on the girl name, but we have finally decided on a name Shawn picked out. (Just like the china when we were getting married...I have realized he really does have opinions on all things sentimental)

We can't wait to meet baby girl...Harper Anne Hutcherson!

Glamour Shots...

Here are some recent pics of baby girl. These were taken at a little over 20 weeks (5 months). Truly amazing what they can see in an ultrasound.

Her long toes...I wasn't kidding. Shawn says that means she will run fast.

She was sucking her thumb (left) and resting her elbow on her knee?? Can you see it?
Go figure...I sucked my thumb til I was way too old. Like mommy like daughter.

IT's A GIRL. The arrow is point in between her little legs.

Sweet baby girl.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Its a GIRL!

Well...the moment of truth...I HATE BEING WRONG...and boy was I wrong. I was absolutely convinced that I was carrying a baby boy. Don't know why... just my gut feeling, so I was very surprised to hear those three words...ITS A GIRL!! Ofcourse, Shawn was gloating because he has said all along that is was a girl. Regardless, we are so excited. Although I have been pregnant for 20 weeks...knowing the gender and starting to really plan (and buy) things for her has been more fun that I could've ever imagined.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

A growing belly...

The belly is a bizarre thing but sort of a right of passage for a first time preggo. It is the first sign of a growing baby, so in the beginning, I tried hard to find the makings of a bump. Then, for a just look like you ate too much for lunch. Finally, I am starting to look pregnant and strangers have started to comment. So, I guess that makes it real. Here is one at 7 weeks and then again at 15 weeks. I need to get an updated one, because I am now almost 19 weeks and the bump is offically growing....stay tuned for more.

7 weeks and counting...

15 weeks..during our trip to Chicago!

Monday, June 1, 2009

My Favorite Things

Okay...I am not Oprah. Don't be expecting any giveaways, but here are a couple of my new favorite things.

Two things every preggo must try:

1.) Prenatal Massage--I had my first prenatal massage last week (thanks to the baby's daddy for the gift certificate to Still Water Medical Spa) and let me just say....It was the best 60 minutes I have had in a while. I am a believer!! Pregnant for not....get out there and get you one. I am hooked an plan to have one a month...maybe I can even convince Shawn that I need them after the baby comes too! They have these cool pregnancy pillows that allow you to lay on your stomach letting your belly fall through the opening in the middle of the pillow. After 4 1/2 months of side sleeping...I enjoyed the 60 minutes on my stomach. It is the little things.

2.) Water Aerobics--okay, so I am not quite as enthusiastic about this one, but still think it is a dream come true. I have been going with my mom, which is fun for us to do together, but it is also a little funny. Aside from me, my mother is the youngest one in the bunch...if that tells you anything about the water aerobics attendees. I had been a few times in the past when recovering from running injuries or long training runs, but have never LOVED it like I do now. It is so relaxing and allows you to be weightless for just an hour a day!

I am 18 weeks and feeling great. Two more weeks until the big ultrasound. June 16.